Parents Weekend

  • Parents Weekend

  • Parents Weekend

    Nov 16-17, 2018
    UT Chattanooga - Carolina Football Weekend.

     Friday Evening, Nov 16

    New Member and Parents Dinner

    Sponsored by Karen Dunaway

    SAE House

    507 Lincoln St

    Columbia, SC

    6 pm to 8 pm

    Contact Karen to reserve your spot

    $25 per person



    Friday Evening, Nov 16

    Parents Cocktail

    Capital City Club - First Floor of old South Trust Building

    1201 Main St - Corenr of Main and Gervais and Assembly Streets

    8 pm until !2:00 Midnight

    Live Music Band, Cash Bar, Light Food

    Drinks of Beer $4 and Wine $5

    Semi Formal Attire

    Park in the garage behind the building on Lady Street
    and take the elevator and escalator
    to the first floor of the building (street level)


  • Sat, Nov 17

    Need Tickets for the Carolina UTC Football Game?


    We have group seating available for $25 per person. USe this link to order your tickets. Most likely your son can pick them up, or have them at WILL CALL before the game. Kick off is 7:30 pm



    SAE Parents Weekend 2017


     Friday, Sept 22 - Saturday, Sept 23

    USC vs Louisiana Tech Football Weekend


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